Hydraulic technology

Hydraulic technology

Until the mid-1980s, the production of hydroelectricity alone was enough to satisfy 100% of the needs of Reunion Island.

The island’s rapid economic development and population growth led policy-makers to build new electricity production plants using fossil fuels; this means that today, two thirds of the electricity consumed on the island comes from fossil fuels.

To help reduce this dependence on fossil fuels, ALTERELEC develops and manufactures hydraulic power stations. The first unit was built in 2013.

Reunion’s first private hydraulic power station :

On 6th December 2013, ALTERELEC opened the very first private hydraulic power station in Reunion Island.

It is integrated into the West Coast Irrigation network (ILO) [ILO Reservoir N°4 in Ermitage], making it possible to harness energy from water entering the reservoir at a pressure of 5 bars.

Previously, all this energy was unexploited.

ALTERELEC operates this hydroelectric plant under a concession agreement with the General Council of Reunion Island, owner of the ILO.

This achievement is a fine example of a partnership between a local authority and a private company. It helps in enhancing public heritage and contributes to Reunion Island’s ambition for energy independence.


Site: Turbine Bassin RT4

ALTERELEC is constantly developing its expertise in the management of hydroelectric power stations, continuing its strategy to develop forms of green energy.