Who are we ?


ALTERELEC SAS operates in the fields of design, engineering and construction of production facilities for renewable energy, as well as the sale of the energy produced.

This French company was established in 2005, and our President is Pascal Leandri, chairman of a consortium of businesses specialised in green industries and construction. Denis Legallais is a renewable energy specialist, and has managed the company since the beginning.

ALTERELEC SAS has installed and currently operates thirteen photovoltaic power stations with a total power of 2050 kWp, providing enough electricity for about 1000 people.

SAS ALTERELEC has developed expertise in:

  • Photovoltaic roofs - either superimposed or integrated into the architecture.
  • On-grid and off-grid solutions.
  • Energy storage

Our policies for business growth at ALTERELEC SAS are based on the quality and durability of our facilities for sustainable development.


  • Technical capacity to design, build and operate solar energy production facilities.
  • Expertise in legal, financial, regulatory and environmental issues concerning the creation of photovoltaic projects.
  • Specialists in solar energy technologies, including innovative solutions for electricity storage.

Our team:

Pascal Leandri.
GIFPresident of ALTERELEC.
In charge of strategy, Pascal Leandri has created and managed companies in the sectors of construction and the environment in Reunion Island.

Cyril MONIER began his career in photovoltaique (PV) systems energy 15 years ago. Since 2015, ALTERELEC has assigned him the development of innovative projects. He also participates in the expertise of the renewable energy operating plants.

Melvyn Boodhna.
Melvyn BOODHNAHead of Operations / Maintenance.
Melvyn Boodhna joined ALTERELEC in 2009 to head the company’s research department. Today, he is in charge of operations and maintenance for various ALTERELEC energy production sites.

At ALTERELEC SAS, we are the sole owner of almost all of the plants we operate, in order to maintain a direct financial control over the operation of our facilities. We have put in place a continuous system for monitoring operations and facility performance, using software which transmits information regarding the output of each site and delivers alerts in case of any malfunction or breakdown.

We provide preventive and corrective maintenance of our facilities following rigorous and detailed processes.