Operation & Maintenance

Operation & Maintenance

It is vital to monitor the production of each of these stations in order to detect any operating anomalies which may affect profitability.

Also, we install a data collection centre via an internet connection, enabling us to monitor each power station remotely.

All our facilities are operated in this way thanks to our technical centre based in La Possession.
ALTERELEC provides technical management of the power plant, as well as its maintenance.

This operation includes:

  • The installation’s technical management:
    • Daily monitoring to ensure the system’s correct functioning via the installed BMS,
    • On-site response service,
    • Breakdown management,
    • Preventive maintenance,
    • Output figures,
    • Production reports for the installation.
  • Maintenance:
    • Maintenance, upkeep and cleaning of each component within the plant,
    • Maintenance and servicing of inverters,
    • Maintenance of electrical enclosures (main LV boards, TD Monitoring, delivery points).

Every series of panels and all inverters are thus monitored according to environmental parameters (temperature, sunshine, wind speed...).

It is the same for the hydroelectric power plant, which is monitored and controlled remotely.